药草:eyE and his team

树:the thing trying to kill yellow balabala

想不开:talk to yexiu

十年霸图一如既往:hanwenqing with his partners go and go and will never be back

全职高手:the man who can do everything

百发百中的神枪手:zhoushuaibi biubiubiubiu and double kill treble kill finally legendary

战术大师:the man who have black heart

百花式打法:pilipili boom boom boom beautiful but nobody die

江波涛:king of water

喻文州对着王杰希吟唱了一个死亡之门:my husband make a door to invite death to this world to have a party with my boyfriend

If you like this game,treat it as your glory,and never share it in QQzone.

剑所指的地方,诅咒也如影随形:the sword and the bad words go to everywhere together like haier brother

夜雨声烦以极其强硬的姿态,骑士般的守护在索克萨尔的前方:rain in night do some gay things to sokesaer

叶修虽然离开了嘉世,但最终带着兴欣杀回荣耀职业联盟,并取得了第十赛季总冠军:Your father will always be your father.

王杰希和他的王不留行就这样不可阻挠的,扛着微草,向前飞去:look!eyE and his SSR grass are flying in the sky!

有时候真羡慕,你们这些有手速的疯子:I want have  crazy hands speed like yours,so I can pilipala pilipala with you!

只不过从头再来罢了:just like my CET6

夜雨声烦被管理员禁言了:hhhhh hhhhh 23333 23333.

此生无悔入荣耀,但求一睡君莫笑:f* ck him!!!!!!